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Across a nation, a state or a city, various government departments and agencies need a rapid, secure and efficient way to identify citizens and their background, in order to provide information, services and benefits. Until recent years, conventional paper/plastic identification cards have served this purpose. However, widespread identification fraud, non-identified criminals, terrorism, illegal immigration and the lack of control resulting from the use of such unprotected cards has prompted the need for a more secure and reliable identification technology. Smart Cards fulfill the fundamental need of having a secure and authentic transaction in an eGovernance environment.

Given the low technology intensive environment existing in India, Smart Card has given the government a right tool to take technology to the rural areas and bring them into the main stream through assimilation of data and disbursement of benefits to the authorized individuals. The government is thus able to track data against the monetary implication leading to less pilferage and reduced corruption. Kyros being one of the pioneers in developing Smart Card operating Systems, Readers and Terminals, is poised to deliver e-governance with superior and cost effective technology.

Some of the major initiatives undertaken by the Government of India are:

National ID:

Smart Card based National ID Cards are issued with a view of identifying authentic citizens of a country. The multi-application functionality and flexible nature of a Smart Card helps a National ID Card play a pivotal role in providing services for a targeted population. The duration of services can be customized for each cardholder, without requiring card re-issuance.

Smart Cards offer unparalleled flexibility in secure data transfer. The card's dynamic ability to communicate with information systems expedites lengthy identification processes, virtually eliminating paperwork and manual data entry, while streamlining operations and reducing costs. National ID offering includes security options like biometrics and digital certificates, to securely authenticate and enable a cardholder use multiple applications on the card.

ID Smart has strong capability in Conceptualization, System Design and Integration can help the government to rollout customized ID application. IID SMART has developed a CRYPTO operating system which is ported onto a dual card(contact & contactless) which is the right kind of solution for a National ID project.

Driving License & RC Book

The Department of Information Technology working closely with The National Informatics Center has formed the standard called "SCOSTA" (Smart Card Operating System for Transport Application) for the Transport Department. This standard defined as the "NIC" standard enable issuance of Driving Licenses and RC Book Applications on a Smart Card.

Kyros offers an end-to-end solution for Driving License & RC Book automation with smart cards. Kyros's proven system integration skills and its ability to execute large BOT, BOOT and BOO projects helps to seamlessly develop, integrate and manage SCOSTA Cards, Terminals and Readers on a dependable, robust and state-of-the-art Infrastructure.

Public Distribution System (Ration Card)

ID SMART has developed a system which offers a unique blend combining ease of identification of Ration Card holders for the State and comprehensive, detailed management information for Department of Food and Civil Supplies.

The solution automates the entire operations of Ration card Management System with the help of innovative and State-of-the-art Smartcard technology that provides the unmatched benefits to the authorities and it includes total security through use of the latest data encryption techniques, low risk of pilferage and fraud, options to perform offline / online transactions, convenient form of maintaining data, without using any paper document, controlled and secure way to generate a range of detailed MIS reports to name but a few.


ID SMART has developed a system in line with ICAO standards which offers a unique blend combining ease of identification of e-Passport holders for the State and comprehensive, detailed management information for the authorities.

The new ICAO "e-passport" brings the passport into the 21st century. It will include a contact less chip used to store biographic and biometric data and images. This data can then be instantly transferred in a contact less fashion to a passport reading system.

In order to achieve interoperability between all the passports and readers of the countries that use the e-passport, ID Smart will rely on the implementation of international standards for compression and formatting of this biographic and biometric data. These standards are defined by ICAO, and will reference ISO SC 37 standards for biometrics

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