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Card Management System

Card Management System is a complete smart card lifecycle management system catering to multi application smart card transactions for the Banking, Financial and Loyalty segments.

Smart card with its ability to handle more information than a traditional magnetic credit card expands the application and services that can be offered to customers.

Smart card technology can provide real opportunities for innovation in business to generate new sources of income. Today in India where 70% of all the transactions conducted in cash with no involvement of a bank or financial institution. This indicator clearly shows the hidden cost involved in handling cash with uncertainty and risk, which comes with such transactions. All successful Governments, Regulation bodies like RBI, financial institutions, Banks would like to bring this huge untapped market into the banking system. Now this is possible only through smart card technology

As smart card usage grows and more applications are developed and deployed, the management of smart card applications and maintenance of transactions, cardholder information becomes increasingly complex. Card Management System is a multi-application smart card management system, empowering card-issuing organizations / companies to successfully deploy and manage smart card technology.

    Why do we need smart card management?

  • To support multiple applications
  • To support multi issuers
  • To support multi clearing & settlement of transactions
  • To support complete cardholder management

The modular nature and open architecture of Card Management System in India is designed to deliver real flexibility and scalability to multi issuers, acquirers.

The challenge facing card issuers is to harness the power of smart cards to deliver both marketing initiatives and cost reduction programs to enhance the Issuers competitive situation. A complete multi-application smart card management system is required, one that offers Security, Flexibility and Creativity, to seamlessly integrate with numerous application providers and be cost effective. Card Management System from ID Smart is strongly positioned to meet this challenge.

Card Management System from ID Smart

  • Total card life cycle management system
  • Multi-application support
  • Easy to use and user friendly front-end GUI's
  • Easy user configurable / customizable to meet various business needs
  • Definable application Security
  • Customized personalization options
  • Key management system support

The challenge facing card issuers is to deliver complete multi-application smart card management systems that offer security and seamless interoperability between numerous application providers. Card Management System from ID Smart is well positioned to meet this challenge.


Card Management System is an integrated solution aimed primarily at the customized bulk issuance and lifecycle management of smart cards in a single or multi application environment.

It is designed to handle single or multiple card issuers from within a single host / acquirer unit. This permits an organization, such as a operator, to issue cards on behalf of institutions, such as banks, loyalty scheme operators, etc.

It provides the functionality to place the card, the applications and the cardholder details into the system and then collate these details for the purpose of card personalization, initial issuance and subsequent card management - a total card lifecycle management.


  • Competitive pricing that is scalable; can be card or application based.
  • Modular design that facilitates easy integration to existing systems.
  • Full card lifecycle support giving organizations complete control of the card.
  • Multiple applications strengthen business case and improve customer loyalty and retention.
  • Assures investment protection by allowing issuers to use practically any smart card type, personalization device & card reader.
  • Total management of individual and corporate (group) cardholder details.
  • Interoperable with ID Smart supplied and 3rd-party application providers.
  • Complete card maintenance; e.g. hot listing, expiry, renewal, replacement or locking.
  • Complete Network management of terminals
  • Quick and simple procedures to replace lost or stolen cards.
  • Expert reporting capabilities.
  • Secure system access with data back-up and recovery procedures.

Campus Management System

"Campus Management System" is a complete web enabled Smart Card solution for educational institutions, offering a complete operational management system of the day-to-day activities in the campus with relation to staff, students, accounts, fees, attendance, leaves, examination and all statutory reports.

  • Automated day-to-day transactions.
  • Reduced Manpower, time and cost.
  • Storage of data with security.

What is a Smart Card?

A Smart Card is a Polyvinyl plastic card (Like a regular credit card) with an embedded chip on which data is stored. Smart Card Readers are used to read smart cards. It can store multi applications and can be used for services like electronic purse/ debit card/ credit card/ health/ insurance/ loyalty etc.

Advantages of Smart Card

  • High Security
  • High Reliability
  • Easy Forward & Back Integration
  • Multi-Platform
  • Multi-Applications
  • Multi-Database

Advantages to the Educational Institute

  • High Tech Campus with automated
  • Attendance
  • Library
  • Progress Report
  • Fee Collection
  • Canteen
  • Information & Enquiries on the Web
  • Easy Operational Management
  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • High Efficiency

"ICMS" contains different modules, which help the management, Student, Staff and Parents for efficient operation.

Staff Module:

This Module handles the complete activities of the Teaching/ Non Teaching and Administration Staff.

Time Table:

As the attendance of the teachers are recorded at the administrative office, the principal will have up to date information of the absentees and the system will automatically display the substitute through its timetable management for the teachers. The timetable of each class can be pre-programmed accordingly.

Examination Module:

This Module offers full flexibility of exam scheduling, question bank, question paper generation, marks entry and generation of progress reports for the student's, class wise or subject wise.

Fee Module:

This Module is an exclusive module, separate from the Accounting Package so as to enable institutions to design and structure the fee payments accordingly.

Library Module:

This Module comes with a complete books catalogue author / publisher / category / subject-wise with an efficient and easy to use book issuing / receiving generator for librarians. Through the smart ID card, Library management of the school will become easier and efficient, as all the books and periodicals taken by the members will be recorded on to the card with details of the books.

Attendance Module:

This Module takes care of the time attendance of the staff / students along with pay slip generation, leave application processing, allowances, permissions etc is provided. As the attendance of the teachers are recorded at the administrative office, the principal will have up to date information of the absentees and the system will automatically allot a substitute teacher through its timetable management for the teachers. The timetable of each class can be pre-programmed accordingly.

Internet Cafe:

The school has an option to allow Internet access to the students from the computer lab through the smart cards. The computer system will start only on insertion of the smart ID card, so the student can go for net surfing or work on thecomputer.

Web site:

A comprehensive web site of the school covering all the details mentioned below will be designed as per the school.

1. School Profile, 2. Admission details , 3. On-line progress reports, 4. On-line course material, 5. Student-Teacher chat, 6. Student - Student chat

Software Used

  • Front end: Visual Basic.Net
  • Database: SQL Server \ Ms-Access
  • Web Enabled: ASP.Net / SQL

Mode of operation

The proposal is to install complete smart card based web enabled "Integrated Campus Management" to automate the activities of the School covering the following areas:

  • Attendance (Staff & Students)
  • Time Table maintenance
  • Library management
  • Fee collection
  • Progress report
  • Canteen Management
  • Computer lab / Cyber surfing
  • Administration
  • Bus Pass
  • Issue of Smart cards to Students

Health Management System

Smart Medical Care contains different modules, which help the management, Doctors, Patients for efficient and easy operations.

The Hospital Management System is a Smart Medicare System, wherein a comprehensive Smart Card based "Electronic Patient Record" solution as per EPR-3 Standard is created, such that the medical world comprising of hospitals, labs, doctors, patients, pharmacists, dieticians, can be connected in a seamless matrix. The smart card holds complete details of the patient for the services offered and betterment of his life expectancy.

  • Identity Cards
  • Lanyards - Standard and Multi Color

Advantages to the Patients

"Medicare" offers access to a host of special patient related services as and when you register and become an individual member. It is like having a super specialty hospital next door. A patient can chat with any doctor on the panel online. When he wants a second opinion or needs specialist advice for a chronic problem he can send his reports through internet to a super specialist from any part of the world and get the right diagnosis or advice, all without moving out of his residence. In case of an emergency also you can take the help of a doctor or get first aid tips before going to a hospital. When you are away from your family doctor and still want to take his advice, you can get him on line and being a family doctor he can give you appropriate advice.

Advantages to the Hospitals and Doctors

Medicare helps Doctors to improve their services by providing accessibility to connect with specialists from any part of the world. Just by becoming a member you can have 24x7 access to a whole gamut of medical services covering specialist opinion, diagnostic service and new drugs and formulations, medical and surgical equipment, new innovative practices, technological breakthroughs... literally everything connected to your profession, with the following advantages:

  • Easy Operational Management
  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • High Efficiency

This Package contains the following modules:

1. Patient Management: This Module handles the complete activities of the Patients:

a) In Patient Management:

This module takes care of the following details:

  • In Patient Registration and Admission
  • Services provided to a patient admitted
  • Prescription details
  • Bed transfer details
  • Basic Billing and Expenditure details

b) Out Patient Management:

This module takes care of the following details:

  • Covers the details of appointments made by a patient
  • Casualty Details
  • Bill Payment Details
  • OP Ledger

SMC has two phases, offline & online. The online module is used for real time access and searches. Other facilities provided by HMS are:

Labs: This facility is provided for lab management. Using this facility the administrator has the following advantages:

  • Surgery scheduling
  • Manage the details for Anesthesia
  • Reports for all the transactions

Authentication: This module offers full flexibility authentication for the chairman to control the whole hospital. The chairman has authority over the following:

  • He can decide the number of users who will be handling the various modules
  • He has the authority to decide privileges for the users

Medico Legal Registration: The MLC (Medical Legal Cases) are handled in an easy way. This form covers the following details:

  • Any Accident details
  • Details related to Ailments
  • Reports to keep track of all the patients and their ailments.
  • It also keeps track about the MedicalCertificates to be issued

Club Management System

Club management system is a complete web enabled smart card solution for clubs offering complete operational management of routine activities, relating to staff and club members, into which a loyalty solution can be built in.

What are the benefits of Club Software?

With our club management software, you can:

  • Automate your daily transactions.
  • Reduce manpower, time and cost.
  • Store data securely.
  • Make strategically important decisions/promotions based on collated data.

Advantages of Smart Card

  • High Security
  • Cards can run multiple applications. (Identification, Club Card, E-Purse, Loyalty, etc.)
  • High Reliability
  • Easy Forward & Backward Integration
  • Multi-Platform
  • Multi-Applications
  • Multi-Database

Advantages to the Clubs

  • Easy Operational Management
  • Improves member satisfaction
  • Best utility services & facilities provider.
  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • High Efficiency
  • Easy accounting of Revenue with negligible handling cost.
  • Easy to keep accounting and track of dues collected
  • Easy maintenance and accessibility of database
  • Entry and exit of members can be recorded in facility areas.
  • Support in maintenance as a high profile club
  • Less storage place: Large storage places used now would become redundant & can be utilized for better purposes.
  • Reduce the back office staff.
  • Assured return on capital outlay.
  • Increase in revenue by efficient management.
  • Lay a platform for multi-applications i.e. can be accommodated as Loyalty card, Debit card, Co-branding
  • Budget friendly in terms of resource cost
  • Provide complete monitoring system to check for Memberships, Accounting, Inventory, Facility management, Loyalty, and Advertisement.
  • Win-win situation for all parties
  • Get a complete High Tech look with complete automated activities covering the
    1. Entrance Gates
    2. Restaurants & Bar
    3. Health Club
    4. Swimming Pool
    5. Tennis Court and Squash
    6. Card Room
    7. Administration
    8. Other areas.


The soft ware functionality describes the various components / modules along with the sub-modules of the application software that is to be deployed at various locations within the club. The user interface screens and mechanism of operation along with the data base design will be finalized only after the systems analysis under taken at location and a final design document will be submitted taken into consideration all forward and backward integration.

The proposed solution will have the following Application Modules and the sub-modules shall be detailed below.

Application Modules:


a. Type of Memberships
This form is to facilitate the types of membership that the club proposes to have and with options for adding, updating, deleting or creating various types memberships.

b. Membership application form
This form is used whenever a person has agreed to take the membership in the club. All the details pertaining to the prospectus customer is entered along with the payment details received.

c. Membership confirmation form
This form is used to issue the membership card. The membership creditability and the available credit facility offered to the member, a responsible person in the club does this. The system shall keep a track on the payments and transaction of the member.

d. Member Profile
This form is used for getting the complete profile / history of the members along with the history of transactions done at various locations of the club. The user shall have options to take in advices, instructions and notices to and from members.

e. Message Box
This facility is given for sending flyers, notices and complaints to and from members and internal communication for the management.

Attendance & Payroll

a. Employee Details
This module facilitates the entry of all the employees working in the club in various departments. The attendance, payroll, leaves and permissions of all the employees are monitored.

b. Leaves application / Permission Processing
The facility for leave application processing of the employees.

c. Shifts Management

d. Department wise Report

Food & Beverages:

  • Budgeting & Forecasting for banquets.
  • Dish Preparation cost
  • Menu Preparation cost
  • Course Preparation.
  • Daily Items requirement from stores.
  • Sales Report.
  • Item Popularity Analysis.
  • Item Grouping View
  • Stock on Hand

Front Office:

a) House Keeping
1. Staff
2. Inventory
3. Laundry
4. Room service

b) Enquires & Booking

c) Bill generation


  • In time / out time.
  • Messages / notices / account statements.

Sales Department:

  • Prospective clients entry
  • Sales Forecasting as per prospective clients
  • Sales Target
  • Commission structure (4 layer)
  • Daily allotment of calls area wise
  • Sales follow up.
  • Monthly Target.
  • Reports


  • Table Booking.
  • Table Allotment for stewards / suppliers etc.
  • Shift / Roster allotment
  • Billing & Payments
  • Reports
  • Central stores Inventory

    • Stock Statements.
    • Purchase Orders.
    • Stores Accounting.
    • Supplier management.


    • Function booking
    • Menu preparation with costing
    • Cashier

    Facility Management

    Advantage to the Club Members

    Boost members overall experience within the club with a high tech feel.

    Through the card, members will be able to:

    Pay their bills, Check for Balances/Statements.
    Make enquiries & view club & personal information on the net Issue instructions related to their accounts.

    Card can also be used as
    Privilege card / Discount card Insurance & Medical Management.
    Own Product & Services (gift cards/utility cards).

    The Club Management System is deployed as follows:

    a. Entrance Gates
    Two terminals can be installed at the entrance gates and other strategic location of the club for the registration of the club members with the Facility to enter the number of guests accompanied for utilizing the club Facilities. For future expansion or development the club can also allow the entry only through Tungsten's placed at the entrance gates. This Tungsten's will open only on the presentation of a valid membership Card.

    b. Health club / Swimming Pool & Tennis court
    Computer kiosks can be installed near the swimming pool and tennis court With the facilities of choosing the available options offered by the club at These centers (Time booking, Time masking, accessories like soap, towel, Bathing suits, sauna etc).

    c. Administration
    Kiosks can be made available at the administration office to facilitate members to all their queries regarding the club (bill generation, statements, programs, booking, subscribing to certain facilities with out the intervention of any staff of the club etc.). The administration kiosk can be completely interactive and user friendly.

    d. Library
    Through the smart membership card, library management will become easier and efficient as all the books and periodicals taken by the members will be recorded on to the card with details of the books taken on complementary or dependant cards.

    e. Internet Cafes (Additional Cost)
    The club has an option to open an Internet café for the members as the same card can be used for Internet surfing. When a member comes to the Internet café for browsing the time spent on the computer system is calculated and credited or debited on the smart membership card.

    f. Sundry Terminals
    The rest functional areas of the club can be fashioned in the same manner as mentioned above.

    g. Staff Attendance
    The system can take care of the staff attendance in the same fashion as mentioned above.

    h. Smart Telephones
    Can install smart telephones at strategic locations for the convenience of the members to make local calls without disclosing the telephone number to the operator.

    i. Reports generation
    Customized reports can be generated as per the clubs requirement.

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