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iD Smart Cards Creations Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 2004.

It has been promoted by Mr Vivek Ballal - An entrepreneur with an experience of over 20 years in the field of manufacturing. He has promoted and runs highly successful business ..

Smart Cards Manufacturers

ID Smart Cards Creation is the largest smart cards manufacturers in India. We provide all types of smart cards like RFID cards, RSBY cards India, membership cards, SCOSTA cards & Loyalty cards India. ID Smart card, generally a kind of chip card, may be a plastic card that contains associate in embedded pc chip–either a memory or microchip type–that stores and transacts information. This information is typically related to either price, information, or each and is hold on and processed at intervals the card's chip. The cardboard information is transacted via a reader that's a part of an ADP system.

Smart Card Systems work with many key applications like health care, banking, diversion and transportation etc. All applications will like the additional options and security that good cards give. This simple technology has revolutionized the payment card business and inflated the extent of card security. These cards use encoding and authentication technology that is safer than previous strategies related to payment cards.

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Card Management System

Card Management System is a complete smart card lifecycle management system ..

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Campus Management System

"Campus Management System" is a complete web enabled Smart Card solution...

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Health Management System

The Hospital Management System is a Smart Medicare System Smart Card..

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